Fat Cat Cafe, Antigua Guatemala

About Fat Cat

Due to God’s grace and to the support from my parents, Fat Cat Coffee House eventually came into life in April 1st 2010; in a beautiful town known as San Juan Comalapa, Chimaltenango.We were really excited about being able of sharing our capabilities as Baristas in this humble village; home for artists and musicians. Nonetheless, as much as our ideas and willingness to make Fat Cat grow prevailed, San Juan Comalapa was not the ideal town for our business. This was because we were unable to introduce a culture such as coffee into the people of this complex and relatively different town. After three months of empty goals and hardships, we managed to move Fat Cat to the renown city of Antigua Guatemala. We already knew it was going to be expensive and difficult to settle as a coffee house, but we refused to let our concept die. Gerson Otzoy (Fat Cat), proposed to navigate in the contrary of everyone else who also wished to settle in Antigua. By the time, multiple coffee houses somehow succeeded alongside the use of artificial flavourings, chocolate sauce and tons of cheap milk. Personally, I believe it was a concept founded on frigidity because unlike them, I always believed that the coffee flavours must be highlighted using techniques proper of a good Barista; not with chemicals or any sort of alterations. It was by analyzing these methods among coffee houses that we polished our original concept and we decided to create a coffee house that served a coffee cup filled with anecdotes, unique flavours, consistency and complexity. On the side part, we saw that the Espresso drink in Antigua was very well far away from what we idealized and as a result, we researched on different methods of extraction like the French Press; with which we expected to serve the best cup to our visitors. Our idea of Espresso was an elegant cup based on an exquisite coffee grain. Our first option for this coffee was a Pacamara type from Finca el Injerto in Huehuetenango. 6 years later, we have this type of coffee together with multiple special grain-type coffee that have so far improved our view of coffee and granted an unique experience to our friends and coffee amateurs. We now roast our own coffee and because of that, we have understood far more than what a coffee cup really is, but what small and meticulous changes in the way we roast, grind and extract our drink can unexpectedly improve its flavours, which were once brought upon by a coffee grower.


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